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Festiva Piano Quartet playing for keeps at St.Andrew’s

By , 09/03/2010
I can think of no higher praise for the playing of this group throughout the present concert than expressing the wish to hear them tackle, one day, (with the help of another violinist) a favourite work of mine, the Cesar Franck Piano Quintet. That's not to say that I don't want to hear them in other repertoire as well - in fact, one of the features of this concert... read more

Festival Jazz at St.Andrew’s

By , 09/03/2010
That old cliche "A time and place for everything" came to my mind while listening to and enjoying jazz singer Tessa Quayle's cool and laid-back delivery of a selection of jazz standards at a St.Andrew's lunchtime concert. As much as I thought her singing, and the playing that accompanied her efforts from the other members of her Trio, thoroughly expert and professional, I found myself wanting more from the... read more

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