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Freiburg Baroque Orchestra – sounds from the Old World

By , 17/03/2010
Without a doubt, a Festival highlight - two concerts on consecutive evenings in the Town Hall by the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra with conductor Rene Jacobs gave local aficionados the chance to hear a crack European "authentic instrument" ensemble perform. Recent recordings, mostly on the Harmonia Mundi label, have already established something of the group's and the conductor's name and reputation in this country, and the concert programmes mirrored some... read more

A St Patrick’s Day ensemble: clarinet, piano and strings

By , 17/03/2010
This early evening concert may have been one of the most looked forward to though its audience may have been reduced by the clash with the first of the two concerts by the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. Those present were richly rewarded. There was curiosity about the meaning of the name, and the best guess seemed to be the date of the concert, St Patrick‚Äôs Day. Philip Green is co-principal clarinet in... read more

3 2 Tango and Friends – pleasures of the dance

By , 17/03/2010
For this concert, the group 3 2 Tango became four, and then five, firstly with percussionist Matt Collie joining the group, and a little later, accordion player Rebekah Greig. And, as if the pleasures of those tango rhythms and tones alone weren't sufficient, we in the audience were able to luxuriate in the tango dancing of a couple who were introduced as "Sharon and Stephen". What was more, we... read more

Michael Houstoun plays Beethoven

By , 17/03/2010
What a thoroughly enjoyable and life-enhancing experience! I well remember my excitement, back in the 1990s, when Michael Houstoun began recording the Beethoven sonatas for Trust Records, beginning with the "Middle Period" works (MMT 2001-3), marvellous playing captured in what I thought was perfectly decent and listenable sound-quality. Alas, my excitement was considerably lessened by the recorded sound on subsequent issues in the Trust series, a change of venue... read more

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