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English guitarist Cheryl Grice-Watterson at Lower Hutt

By , 13/10/2010
The concert advertised for this Wednesday was to have been led by violinist Slava Fainitski, a first violinist in the Wellington Orchestra. He suffered a heart attack in the weekend and the place was filled by English guitarist Cheryl Grice-Watterson. I knew nothing of her and so was extremely surprised as she launched into the Malaguena by José de Azpiazu, with such musicality, refinement and flexibility. She was born in Yorkshire... read more

Heartfelt Russian Song from Joanna Heslop

By , 13/10/2010
I heard the lark's song from afar as I dashed towards St.Andrew's Church and eased myself through the doors, just as the singer was coming to the end of what sounded like a tiny Slavic frisson of avian abandonment - so, thanks to my lateness I had all but missed the first item, Rimsky-Korsakov's The Sound of the Lark's Singing. Which wouldn't have been too much of a tragedy... read more

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