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Elios Ensemble captivates at St Andrew’s season

By , 15/03/2011

This was the kind of programme that probably sorts out its own audience, or rather, it would sort them out if there were enough to provide a good statistical sampling.

On the one side are those who are drawn to a concert by names that are familiar, both composers and pieces; and on the other, Stendhal’s ‘Happy Few’, those who are enticed by a mix of the familiar... read more

Enchanting concert by Antipodes Trio at Waikanae

By , 13/03/2011

One of the reasons for going to this concert was the patriotic impulse to hear a Wellington musician who’s making good in Europe. Nicholas Hancox took his B Mus (Hons) at Victoria University and has now completed a master’s at the University of Michigan. Learning never ends: he has moved to Munich for post-graduate work at the Hochschule (Academy) für Musik und Theater. The group’s violinist Christobel... read more

Paekakariki’s ‘Classics for Christchurch’ with the Kapiti Orchestra

A well-filled Memorial Hall proved both the level of interest in music in the community, and its willingness to support such a worthy cause. There must have been around 100 people present.

The orchestra, led by Douglas Beilman, a member of the New Zealand String Quartet, had a good sound, and its level of accuracy and versatility, based, I understand, on one rehearsal, was most commendable... read more

Diabolically fine fiddling from Martin Riseley

By , 13/03/2011
The trouble with the kind of jaw-dropping musical virtuosity demonstrated by the likes of Martin Riseley is that it can for some people obscure the actual substance of what's being performed - since the time of the master-fiddler, Paganini himself, this "circus entertainment" aspect demonstrated by skilled executants has frequently bedeviled their musical efforts. Paganini recounted how, on one occasion, he was approached by a gentleman who claimed to... read more

Aivale Cole with splendid Lieder for the St Andrew’s series

It was delightful to hear Aivale Cole singing lieder and other songs, but it was a great pity that so few thought so. Insufficient advertising may be partly to blame, since I have discovered that several people I thought would be interested in these artists and the programme were unaware of the performance. Certainly the Schumann song cycle was heard recently, sung by Joanna... read more

Two supreme chamber works at St Andrew’s season of concerts

By , 11/03/2011

The second concert in this admirable series arrived at the very heartland of chamber music. The two pieces played are, I am sure, among the top ten of any real music lover’s favourites, both coming from the wonderful store of Slav romantic masterpieces. But you wouldn’t guess that from the sad array of worthy but utterly predictable stuff that gets into Radio New Zealand Concert’s New Year count-down... read more

Joanna Heslop sings Russian songs for St Andrew’s season

Richard Greager and Marjan van Waardenberg and their supporters are to be congratulated on the variety and excellence of the concerts they are presenting in this year’s ‘Season of Concerts’ running for ten days from the date of this first presentation. It is a pity that there was not greater patronage: approximately 30 people attended this recital, into which so much work had been put. Among these it... read more

Organist Elke Voelker in excellent varied programme at the Basilica

Probably not many people beyond the organist fraternity know the music of Sigfrid Karg-Elert, who lived from 1877 to1933. Elke Voelker is part of the way through recording all the composer’s organ works on CD, and on Sunday she played one of his compositions, plus two transcriptions that he made of famous orchestral pieces.

Poor attendance at the recital may have been due to the inclement... read more

New Sounds – SMP Ensemble, Magda Mayas, Tony Buck and Hermione Johnson

By , 06/03/2011

Sunday 6 March 2011

After funding was withheld from leading NZ contemporary group Stroma for this year, the senior-student/recent-graduate ensemble SMP was

left to carry the torch for new "concert" music - at least for Wellington. Thankfully, some money was made available by Creative NZ for "Interiors I", the first of two presentations exploring subtleties of tone colour and aspects of player interaction. All but one... read more

VECTOR WELLINGTON ORCHESTRA – whatever the weather……

By , 06/03/2011
As comedian Michael Flanders, of "At the Drop of a Hat" fame, might have said, "If the gods had intended us to listen to music outdoors, they would never have given us weather!". Such was the case on the weekend, when, to the intense disappointment of all concerned, the Vector Wellington Orchestra's annual family concert sortie to the grounds of Government House had to be relocated to the Michael... read more

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