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Delightful American songs from Megan Corby and Craig Beardsworth at the Hutt

By , 14/09/2011

It’s a few years since I heard either of these singers in a solo recital of any kind. This lunchtime concert was such an enterprising and attractive event that I felt real regret that the audience was so small, though not very different from the audiences that usually come. The real sadness is the failure of the Lower Hutt City Council to save the Laing’s Road Methodist Church... read more

A new generation’s Lilburn, from Atoll Records

By , 14/09/2011
If there's ever a composer who seems to have been "rediscovered" by a fresh generation of performers, then Douglas Lilburn is the one, his music seeming to appeal as readily to today's young players as it did to many of the composer's similarly delighted and steadfast contemporary champions. New recordings of many of Lilburn's major works have appeared over the last few years, a couple of these projects containing substantial... read more

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