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Valedictions from the Tokyo Quartet

By , 15/06/2013
Going to hear practically any concert is a kind of privilege for the listener - especially when one thinks about the "coming together" of the different things that contribute to a live performance. The "here-and-now" of it all has its own kind of spontaneously-charged electricity. Somehow, it doesn't feel quite the same when listening to the same music played on a recording, and not even when the performers are... read more

Pieces of eight from Nota Bene

Once again, a concert of innovative programming from Nota Bene.  This time, it was made up of pieces written for eight parts, mainly in the form of two choirs.  The result was a performance full of animation, with interesting and appealing music well sung, providing enjoyment for the audience, which pretty well filled the venue.  The dates of the compositions ranged from sixteenth century through to twentieth century. All the... read more

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