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Old and new, far and near, from the New Zealand String Quartet

It was good to see ‘our own’ quartet back in the Sunday afternoon series, after an absence of several years.  Particularly, it was pleasing to see that Helene Pohl was able to play with all the fingers of her left hand, having now fully recovered from her accident in February. As usual, members of the Quartet introduced the items in an informative manner, illustrating themes and passages on their instruments... read more

J.S.Bach at Paekakariki

By , 23/06/2013
(based on notes prepared for a review on RNZ Concert's"Upbeat" with Eva Radich) I'm certain that Bach would have been highly intrigued and perhaps tickled pink to think of his music being played in a place with the name of Paekakariki! It is alway a great pleasure to go to Paekakariki to hear music being played. Firstly, the surroundings, especially on a good day, are spectacular - and of course, if... read more

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