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Revival of Victoria Voices for all-comers a welcome return

The varied programme was presented to a modest-sized audience. Victoria Voices  was promoted as a new ensemble, but in a sense it is a revival; the School of Music has had choirs before, but not for a number of years.  Of course, the students in it were probably not in its predecessors. There are approx. 50 singers in this all-comers choir of students and staff from various faculties of the university... read more

Ensembled delights from the NZSM Saxophones at St.Andrew’s

By , 27/05/2015
There's more "classical" music written for the saxophone than you might think exists - after all the instrument has been around since 1846, and as such is more "established " than its twentieth-century prominence in jazz might suggest. Still, there remains an "exoticism" about the instrurment's particular sound for classically-attuned ears such as mine(!), and one which I find particularly exciting whenever I hear it, be it solo, in... read more

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