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Guitar students deliver impressive performances in spite of relative inexperience in tough field

By , 25/05/2015
The first of the four programmes arranged by the enterprising manager of the St Andrew's lunchtime concerts, Marjan van Waardenberg, with the New Zealand School of Music in an effort to draw more particular attention to the school’s contribution to Wellington, downtown. As was to be expected, the audience was somewhat smaller than that for the usual Wednesday concerts, but it was by no means an embarrassment. Guitars, though still... read more

An evening’s enjoyment of wonderful things in Lower Hutt

By , 25/05/2015
The programme devised for this concert certainly made the most of the music and the performers, as well as pleasing the audience no end - having works for variously two, three and four musicians provided plenty of variety, while the performances established and maintained levels of skill, intensity, beauty and enjoyment that would have graced a recital platform anywhere in the world. On the face of things, hardest-working of the... read more

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