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Grant Tilly at the Southcoast Gallery, Cuba St.

By , 25/06/2010
Cuba Street in Wellington is developing its own special character when it comes to galleries.Amongst my favourites are Cameron Drawbridge's South Coast Gallery the Fibre Art “Minerva” Gallery and the” Thistle” with its enterprising youthful exhibitions. All are worth visiting, all bring something special to the Wellington Art Scene. Is Cuba Street doing what our Wellington Gallery should be doing ? Although very small,  the Southcoast Gallery hosts a delightful... read more

Wallowing in International Art while staying at home

By , 30/05/2010
Musings and a review by Peter Coates. This week has been a very exciting one for me. Last Sunday I saw a performance of Wushu martial arts by twenty-four Chinese visiting experts. This was spectacular, colourful and beautifully choreographed and performed in front of an appeciative audience at the Wellington Town Hall. Modern dance choreographers in Wellington should have been along to witness it. This was followed by another Chinese delight... read more

Viennese Connections – Dame Malvina Major and the NZSO

By , 15/05/2010

(A "guest review" by Peter Coates of this concert appears at the end of this article)

Enthusiasts for fine orchestral playing would have been thoroughly diverted by the chance to compare the NZSO’s playing of the Mozart “Jupiter” Symphony in this concert with that of those recent visitors to this country for the International Arts Festival, the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. Unfortunately I didn’t get to the concert at which... read more

Ravi Shankar – a living legend in Wellington

By , 12/03/2010
To convey something of the atmosphere and flavour of a remarkable concert at the Michael Fowler Centre, one of the New Zealand International Festival of the Arts series of concerts,  I can do no better than quote the words of the musician around whom this same concert was centred: " Music can be a spiritual discipline on the path to self realisation, for we follow the traditional teaching that sound... read more

SMP Ensemble: Nexus – Poles Apart

By , 10/03/2010
The SMP Ensemble was formed in 2008, and set up as a forum for the work of Wellington-based composers and performers. Over a short period it has, under the direction of Andrzej Nowicki,  already developed a reputation as a fresh and stimulating force in the capital's contemporary music activity, organising and performing a number of concerts. Its most recent was a presentation at one of the St.Andrew's March 2010... read more

A Requiem to die for……

By , 07/11/2009
The Tudor Consort's concluding presentation in their splendid 2009 series of musical events was a reconstruction of the funeral music for Phillip II of Spain, a monarch forever associated with the unsuccessful Armada expedition of 1588 sent against England, but whose patronage of the arts during his mere forty-two years identified him more positively with a "Golden Age" of cultural activity throughout the Iberian peninsula during the latter part... read more

A Brace of Troubadours – “Fabulous Guitars” from Caprice Arts

By , 06/11/2009
One would have thought, on the evidence provided by this concert, that time couldn't have been better spent than listening to the dulcet tones of music for guitar (in fact, mostly TWO guitars!). After all, no less a musician than Frederic Chopin was credited with saying at one time, that "Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar - save, perhaps, two...". Despite such impressive recommendations, only a handful of... read more

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