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Enlightening, themed concert at hands of skilled, insightful musicians

By , 09/11/2016
It was either this interestingly promoted programme of music that influenced Bach, or the nice weather that broke out at lunchtime that brought a somewhat larger than average audience to this concert. The programme pushed a couple of useful buttons. The names of the performers, players in the NZSO and/or Orchestra Wellington, and a keyboardist whose name rang bells, and some kind of guarantee of musical worth, inasmuch as it... read more

Consorting with harpsichords – Erin Helyard and Douglas Mews

By , 15/07/2012
One of a series of concerts entitled "Musicke for Severall Friends", this one featured a close-knit partnership of two harpsichordists, playing both together and singly for the delight of a small-ish but dedicated Adam Concert Room audience. The "two-for-the-price-of-one" package featured two tutor-performers from the New Zealand School of Music, plus two instruments from the NZSM collection of keyboard instruments, copies of French (1769) and German (1728) harpsichords respectively... read more

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