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Heavyweight opera composer-contenders put through their paces

By , 28/05/2013
I remember recently reading a "rant" (oops! - pardon my alliteration!) from a columnist in some record magazine (which I don't have enough money to subscribe to and therefore don't have to hand, having probably borrowed the public library copy). The diatribe was against the "mad-headed observance" of composer anniversaries, of which there are a number falling within this year of grace 2013. Without wishing to increase the readership of... read more

Twin Peaks – a concert of Verdi and Wagner

The NZSM Orchestra keeps up a pretty hot pace, with relatively frequent concerts.  This was ‘the big one’; the annual Town Hall concert, and probably the last for some time, due to the earthquake strengthening to take place at that venue. However, the coldest day of the year so far would, without doubt, have been the main reason for relatively low audience numbers.  This was a shame, because the orchestra... read more

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