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Fair, fresh winds from home

A concert featuring two world premières is not a common event in New Zealand.  However, this was the case on Wednesday. The concert began, though, with a work from 1977, of Edwin Carr.  It was titled Two Mansfield Poems, and the two beautiful poems by Katherine Mansfield were included with the printed programme: ‘Sanary’ (1916) and ‘Sleeping Together’ (1908).  The first piece echoed the sunny day of the first poem ... read more

Worlds of difference from the NZ Trio

By , 15/05/2013
It took me a while to "settle in" to the Town Hall's more-than-ample sound-spaces for this concert - the NZ Trio had daringly opted to begin with Korngold's Op.1 Piano Trio, music that called for plenty of rich, vibrant and well-uphostered sounds from the ensemble. Despite the vigour with which the players began the piece, I thought that the amplitude of the acoustic seemed at first to dwarf the... read more

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