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Grant Tilly at the Southcoast Gallery, Cuba St.

By , 25/06/2010
Cuba Street in Wellington is developing its own special character when it comes to galleries.Amongst my favourites are Cameron Drawbridge's South Coast Gallery the Fibre Art “Minerva” Gallery and the” Thistle” with its enterprising youthful exhibitions. All are worth visiting, all bring something special to the Wellington Art Scene. Is Cuba Street doing what our Wellington Gallery should be doing ? Although very small,  the Southcoast Gallery hosts a delightful... read more

Witchcraft, Romance and Nostalgia from the NZSO

By , 25/06/2010
Each of conductor Alexander Lazarev's two recent concerts with the NZSO has featured repertoire which, although not obscure, doesn't often appear in our orchestral programmes. Both Glazunov's ballet The Seasons and Dvorak's spooky tone-poem The Noon-Day Witch are in what I would call the "somewhat neglected" category of orchestral works - I was therefore interested to read NZSO CEO Peter Walls' description in the programme's welcoming foreword of the... read more

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