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R.S.Thomas – a centenary remembered in poetry, scripture and music

R. S. Thomas was a 20th Century Anglican Priest-Poet who died in the year 2000 after 40 years in the priesthood. He was a passionate Welsh nationalist, and a pacifist active in the C20th Nuclear Disarmament movement. Throughout his life he expressed his  spiritual explorations in poetry whose highly abstract language would sound unfamiliar to most young ears today. Over his ministry he moved progressively further and further from... read more

Wellington Chamber Orchestra – after the First Cuckoo……

By , 29/09/2013
A comment from a friend at the interval helped answer my unspoken query "Why isn't this gorgeous music more often played?" which I'd been posing to myself while listening to the two Delius items at the concert, before voicing it out loud to her - "Oh, it's such dreary, shapeless, formless stuff! - I can't bear it!" was her response. It reminded me that music-lovers world-wide can be readily divided into two groups... read more

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