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Diverting variety in sparkling arrangements for reed quintet, Category Five

By , 01/09/2013
The first thing that struck me as I sat down at this concert was the good sized audience: more, I think, than most of the evening concerts that I’ve attended in Lower Hutt recently. I guess the committee will be wondering about the wisdom of shifting their concert times, though that could lead to the risk of clashes with the increasing number of other concerts that are attaching themselves... read more

Stroma – the Elemental and the Fabulous

By , 01/09/2013
Well, we can't say we weren't warned (those of us who read the program note before the concert, that is….)….short of resorting to an official rubber-stamped, or publicly-broadcast Government Health Warning, the accompanying note did made it quite clear regarding the salient characteristics of the two items written by Greek-born, French-naturalised composer Iannis Xenakis which framed this extraordinary Stroma concert: "….these works are unprecedented in their raw power and... read more

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