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New Zealand String Quartet plays Britten along with kindred spirits

In a recent review I commented on the effect of concerts starting at 7pm on those of us who live out of town.  While I can see a justification, if an early start on a weekday persuades patrons to stay in town after work and go to the concert, I can’t see that justification applying to a Saturday. This concert was the second in a series of two, transferred from... read more

NZ Opera’s Dutchman redeemed by love and music

By , 14/09/2013
Aidan Lang, New Zealand Opera's General Director, put it well in his welcoming foreword to the programme for this production - it's been much longer than the mandatory seven years since the Flying Dutchman last "came ashore" here in New Zealand in search of redemption. In fact, it's been thrice that number of years since the 1992 Auckland Opera production which featured none other than Sir Donald McIntyre in the... read more

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