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Talent aplenty at Wellington Aria Contest but poor publicity denies finalists deserved audience

By 7.50pm on Sunday there were 5 people seated in the audience; by 7.10pm when the singing began there were about 30.  Of these, most appeared to be other contestants in the earlier stages, teachers, family members, and Hutt Valley Performing Arts Competitions Society officials. Where is the publicity?  The previous Sunday there were well over 300 people attending a concert in Waikanae by Tākiri Ensemble, comprising Anna Leese, Bianca... read more

Going for it at St.Andrew’s – Te Kōkī Trio

By , 06/09/2015
This was a mighty concert experience - here were three musicians bent upon drawing all that they could out of the music and of themselves, resulting in performances of great excitement and intensity. The thrills and spills that inevitably came with such an approach simply added to the visceral nature of the experience, so that, at the end, we all felt we'd seen and heard something alive and real In... read more

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