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Guitarist Jamie Garrick in charming, idiomatic lunchtime recital

By , 23/09/2015
Very unusually for these more punctual days, my train from Wellington’s northern reaches was late and I missed the first piece and some introductory words from the guitarist. I missed the Prelude from one of Bach’s lute suites, in C minor, BWV 997. Coste’s Le départ – le retour was under way and I found myself in the world of his early 19th century contemporaries, Fernando Sor, Giuliani, or perhaps... read more

JS BACH since the time of Bach – Michael Houstoun

By , 23/09/2015

Many people regard Johann Sebastian Bach as the greatest composer who ever lived - he's certainly one of those "elect" few whose creative musical achievements have in their time and/or since drawn forth the highest and most frequent praise from performers, scholars and ordinary music-listeners. But as such judgements involving creativity are prone to subjectivity and influenced by fashion, it's impossible to verify "greatness" in any pure, abstract... read more

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