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A state of extreme delight

By , 07/08/2022
This was the third and final concert of the Immerse series, programmed and timed to attract a family audience. And some kids attended, although they were quite hard to spot. It’s not every parent or grand-parent who thinks to bring the smalls to an NZSO concert, and not every child who has the patience to sit still for more than 40 minutes at a stretch. That was a great... read more

NZSO under New management

By , 06/08/2022
This was the second concert of the Immerse series, and the second outing of the acclaimed violinist Hilary Hahn with the NZSO under the baton of Gemma New, its newly appointed Artistic Adviser and Principal Conductor. The house was almost full, with such a happily expectant air that everyone must surely have been here on Thursday for the first concert of the series. Gemma New is a local girl made good – only 35... read more

The band is back – NZSO with Hilary Hahn and Gemma New

By , 04/08/2022
The band is back. This was the first concert by the NZSO for some time, apart from their outing to open the St James Theatre a couple of weeks ago. And what a splendid concert this was! The orchestra was at its best. I have never heard them play better. They appear to have a special rapport with Gemma  New, the newly appointed Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of... read more

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