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NBR NZ Opera’s “Butterfly” – traditional and triumphant

By , 11/05/2013
This "Butterfly" has already flittered, swayed, dipped and floated her way down the island from most of the way up north - so quite a few people will by now have seen and heard her. I'll go out on a traditionalist limb and declare that most of these people, I feel certain, would have been pleased to find her heart-rending story more-or-less conventionally staged and costumed, though with enough... read more

Wellington Youth Orchestra trumps with Shostakovich

A recent work by John Psathas, Tarantismo demonstrated again his considerable skill in orchestral writing, and his inventiveness.  The programme notes explained that the title refers to tarantism, the extreme desire to dance, that used to be attributed to the bite of the tarantula, but is named after the sea port in southern Italy.  From this tradition comes the dance, tarantella, a rapid, whirling dance. The piece opened with tubular... read more

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