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A new generation’s Lilburn, from Atoll Records

By , 14/09/2011
If there's ever a composer who seems to have been "rediscovered" by a fresh generation of performers, then Douglas Lilburn is the one, his music seeming to appeal as readily to today's young players as it did to many of the composer's similarly delighted and steadfast contemporary champions. New recordings of many of Lilburn's major works have appeared over the last few years, a couple of these projects containing substantial... read more

Gao Ping’s winning presentation of Debussy, New Zealand and east Asian piano music

By , 11/09/2011

The first thing to remark is the unfortunate clash between this concert and that in the Michael Fowler Centre by the Vector Wellington Orchestra with pianist Diedre Irons. But in addition to that, there was a concert by the Wellington Community Choir next door, in the Town Hall main auditorium.

Though there were only two pieces, both by Debussy, that could be regarded as standard repertoire, the audience... read more

On The Transmigration Of Souls – 9/11 Commemoration by John Adams presented by the Vector Wellington Orchestra

By , 11/09/2011
It was unusual for the Wellington Orchestra to be performing  on a Sunday afternoon. The 9/11 date gives a clue - and in fact it's ten years to this very day since New York's World Trade Centre was attacked and destroyed by two hi-jacked terrorist-controlled aircraft. American composer John Adams was commissioned by the New York Philharmonic to write a piece to be performed on the first anniversary of the... read more

Enterprising contribution to Organ Week at St Peter’s

By , 08/09/2011

While, nationally, we have an Organ Month, in Wellington only an Organ Week has been organized. The effort required to present a month of recitals, almost every day, is very considerable, and can really be
justified only if the response by audiences is encouraging. Judging by the smallish audience at this most interesting lunchtime concert, the decision to confine it to one week is understandable. Yet when free Sunday... read more

Exotically-flavoured delights from the NZSQ and Péter Nagy

By , 04/09/2011
The publicity accompanying the New Zealand String Quartet's "Hungarian Rhapsodies" set of concerts made a great thing of the "rhapsodies" designation, bringing into play synonyms such as ecstasy, rapture, bliss, enthusiasm and great joy - but upon hearing the first of the two programs I would have just as enthusiastically endorsed the "Hungarian" part of the description, especially in the context of the Quartet's characterful and atmospheric playing. Particularly... read more

NZSO NYO 2011 – “Tomorrow’s Sounds” already heart-warming strains

By , 03/09/2011
Watching those beautiful, youthful faces totally engrossed in and engaged by the music-making throughout the 2011 NZSO National Youth Orchestra's Wellington concert on Friday evening, I found myself briefly imagining I had become a camera, and was able to capture for posterity those precious images of  "golden lads and girls" revelling in an evening's unique moment in time. I suspect that it was all enhanced by the venue -... read more

Wellington Orchestra’s funding secure through 2013

By , 01/09/2011

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