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Orpheus Choir under Brent Stewart outstanding with Bruckner and Poulenc

By , 22/08/2015
Though this concert was advertised as being accompanied by the cathedral organ, without mention of other instruments, the programme disclosed the names of seven instrumentalists. I am one of the pernickety race that hopes for performances from the voices and instruments prescribed by the composer. However, while I’d have loved Orchestra Wellington to have been on hand, the small band and Douglas Mews’ organ playing did very well, supplying... read more

Clik the ensemble – you’ll be glad you did….

By , 22/08/2015
What a lovely idea for a concert! - each member of the "Clik the ensemble" trio was given the chance to shine more-or-less as a soloist in different works during the first half, while the second half featured all three musicians playing the programme's major work. It's almost certainly something that's been done before, but surely no more enjoyably and successfully as happened here. "Clik the ensemble" is a group... read more

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