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Rather short and variable concert from university voices and instruments

A small but enthusiastic audience heard a rather short concert (50 minutes, with several longish breaks for changing the position of the piano and other adjustments), the chamber music sections of which were being assessed towards the players’ end-of-year academic results. The choir was presenting its second concert for the year, under the direction of Dr Robert Legg. It was a much smaller choir than that which sang in May;... read more

Youthful, exuberant virtuosity – Jason Bae at St.Andrew’s , Wellington

By , 27/09/2015

I remember hearing for the first time New Zealand pianist Richard Farrell's recording of Chopin's First Scherzo, and being bowled over by the playing's youthful verve and exuberance.  Similar to Farrell's in brilliance of execution and youthful élan was the performance of this same work by Jason Bae which opened his Wellington Chamber Music Series recital at St.Andrew's on-the-Terrace on Sunday. For me, in fact, the "shock"... read more

Teacher and Pupil for the ages – with Ludwig Treviranus at the piano

By , 24/09/2015

One of the Wellington classical music scene's great communicators, Ludwig Treviranus, gave an entertaining and thought- provoking recital, "Teacher and Pupil", featuring music by both Haydn and Beethoven, as the final concert in Hutt Valley Chamber Music's 2015 season.

With this recital the young pianist completes his second year of a three-year term as Performer-in-Residence for Hutt Valley Chamber Music - his aim throughout his tenure is to... read more

Guitarist Jamie Garrick in charming, idiomatic lunchtime recital

By , 23/09/2015
Very unusually for these more punctual days, my train from Wellington’s northern reaches was late and I missed the first piece and some introductory words from the guitarist. I missed the Prelude from one of Bach’s lute suites, in C minor, BWV 997. Coste’s Le départ – le retour was under way and I found myself in the world of his early 19th century contemporaries, Fernando Sor, Giuliani, or perhaps... read more

JS BACH since the time of Bach – Michael Houstoun

By , 23/09/2015

Many people regard Johann Sebastian Bach as the greatest composer who ever lived - he's certainly one of those "elect" few whose creative musical achievements have in their time and/or since drawn forth the highest and most frequent praise from performers, scholars and ordinary music-listeners. But as such judgements involving creativity are prone to subjectivity and influenced by fashion, it's impossible to verify "greatness" in any pure, abstract... read more

New Zealand String Quartet’s extensive tour ends in Wellngton, a triumph

This was the last concert in a tour of 11 towns and cities (there were two concerts in Wellington) in which the quartet performed four separate programmes, incorporating seven different Russian works for string quartet. The second Wellington concert drew a large audience to the Hunter Council Chamber.  Here was a real chamber – not a church or a concert hall, but a room ideal for chamber music.  Audience members... read more

Admirably adventurous piano programme from Jason Bae at Waikanae

By , 20/09/2015
The concert by Jason Bae was one of a nationwide series arranged through Chamber Music New Zealand. He also plays, a different programme (see our Coming Events), on 27 September at St Andrew’s on The Terrace for Wellington Chamber Music. It is commonly a mark of an intelligent and serious minded musician when he plays entire works and, where it’s feasible, complete sets of pieces. Liszt’s Three Concert Études and... read more

Welllington Chamber Orchestra – significant, important, moving……

By , 20/09/2015
A significant, important and moving concert. Significant? - with two works by Douglas Lilburn included, the orchestra splendidly commemorated the composer's 100th birthday year. Important? - the concert included in the programme Lilburn's First Symphony, one that ought to be in our main-centre orchestras' regular concert repertoire, but is hardly ever played - see "Stop Press" below, however. Moving? - the concert was dedicated by the orchestra to the... read more

Wellington G&S with another hit in funny, well-sung The Gondoliers

By , 19/09/2015
G&S goes on and on. Hard to think of another composer whose music in a certain genre has acquired such a single-minded following from so many, and of those, one suspects, some don’t particularly enjoy any other kind of opera or musical theatre, or even any other kind of classical music. Offenbach has no comparable cult status in France; nor Lehár or Kálmán in Austria; nor any one composer... read more

Popular for the best reason – the NZSO’s Classical Hits Concert

By , 19/09/2015
Appropriately enough from my point of view, this concert began with the very same music that enthralled me almost fifty years ago, at the beginning of my very first concert-going experience in Palmerston North's Opera House. I still recall, at the start of the "William Tell" Overture, the beauty of those two NZBC Symphony Orchestra solo 'cellos (played by Wilf Simenauer and Farquhar Wilkinson), and the thrill of the... read more

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