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Delightful Takiri Vocal Ensemble heralds a new era for the song recital?

By , 30/08/2015
The Takiri Ensemble is a novelty for New Zealand: a vocal quartet that aims to be a permanent presence in this country. It challenges the long-held and flimsily sustained belief that there’s no audience for the song recital; another similar, ill-supported notion is that there’s little appetite for piano recitals. Each prejudice has probably been based on cases that have not been representative or well-conceived, flawed through poor programming... read more

Aural (and visual) feast from Stroma at the Wellington City Gallery

By , 30/08/2015
Contemporary music ensemble Stroma performed at the Wellington City Gallery, in a space flanked on three sides by images created by photographer Fiona Pardington, whose exhibition "A Beautiful Hesitation", brought an additional resonant and interactive context to the "sounded out" work of the composers. As the images suspended objects in time for us to register our thoughts and feelings about them, so too did the music seek to impinge... read more

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