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Schumann a winner but Sibelius and Mendelssohn unconvincing in fine Bach Choir performances

By , 08/08/2015
Michael Vinten and his Bach Choir had decided to explore some pretty unexpected choral repertoire with this concert of mid-nineteenth century, plus a rather out-of-season, comparable work from half a century later. I have to praise that initiative. However, much of the choral music composed during that era has not stood the test of time. The problem can be ascribed to Romanticism, which encouraged composers to find new modes of expression... read more

Rarities and a classic of Russian music from Orchestra Wellington

By , 08/08/2015
This concert presented the third in Orchestra Wellington's inspirational series featuring the numbered Tchaikovsky Symphonies in tandem with well-known Russian piano concertos. I was unlucky to miss the second one, in which both the gorgeous "Little Russian" Symphony and the epic Prokofiev Third Piano Concerto were played - what a "buzz" that presentation must have been! But amends were handsomely made by this latest concert, even though two of the... read more

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